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    Auto insert text, into a text box, via a Radio Button selection


      Hi all,


      I am entirely new to working with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, actually, I'm new to working with Adobe period. I've also taken on the task at work to turn a bunch of Word documents into fillable pdf documents. Through online tutorials, trial & error, and YouTube videos, I have become accustomed to some of the basics in preparing and editing pdf documents.


      What I am finding far more challenging is where to locate tutorials on how one adds java script commands to a form. Is there somewhere I can learn how to add JavaScript to, say, a radio button? I can locate the 'Run a JavaScript' on the Radio Button Properties Action tab but beyond that, there is not much out there.


      My ultimate desire is to be able to have a line of text auto insert into a text box (APC Results) after radio button (WI_0) is selected. If someone could write the code for this, it would be much appreciated but above that, I would love to learn how JavaScript is used within a form.


      Thank you for your time,