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    Image Processor "Sorry, I could not process the following.. *All of them*"


      Hey! So I have about 150 files open in Photoshop. They are for a client and the client individually wanted certain effects on every file. The files were originally RAW files, first imported into Lightroom as .dng, then all of my tonal edits were done in Lightroom. I then opened all of the images as Smart Objects in Photoshop, through Lightroom's script. I then did the individual work needed on each image in Photoshop assuming it would be no hassle to save them using the Image Processor script. When it came time to save, I wished to save them as .tif files using the Image Processor. I selected the target files as Open Files, set my destination folder, chose TIF format, and hit run at the top of the small window. It shortly after says a very quick no source images, that disappears and then it says "Sorry, I could not process the following" and then lists all 150 open images. This is a big issue as I am on a time crunch.


      Any help or alternate idea for how to save all of these open images as TIF or even PSD at this point is extremely appreciated. I feel there must be a fix or alternate route opposed to the old fashion one by one save as..