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    Problems printing Futura Bold


      Hi I have just had my computer upgraded and I'm running a current version of indesign.


      Ive opened a document from previous version, all looks fine on screen, but when I print it (previously no problems) Futura Bold (and version of it such as Bold Oblique) default print. Now here is the strange part, if I change the horizontal width of the font, as little as 99% it prints correctly!

      Also exporting the file as a PDF  it looks and prints correctly!!

      I use and have used this font a lot so changing the width on every document is just out of the question.

      Its got be stumped.... any ideas people??


      Thanks heaps!

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Exactly what do you mean by “had your computer upgraded?” And what type of printer are you printing directly to from InDesign? And what do you mean by “default print?”


          The fact that everything displays OK within InDesign and prints OK when exporting PDF and printing from Acrobat is indicative that InDesign is in fact dealing with the font without an issue.


          If you changed OS in your computer upgrade, such as an “upgrade” to Windows 10, the problem could be related to faulty printer drivers, especially if not printing to a PostScript device.


          Give us a bit more specific information and we'll try to help you more.


                    - Dov


          PS:     Generally speaking, you are probably better off always exporting PDF and printing from Acrobat. Acrobat (and Reader) have a much more mature and robust printing subsystem. In my very extensive use of InDesign here at Adobe dating back to test versions prior to Release 1.0, I don't think I've actually direct printed from InDesign more than a dozen times - and those times were primarily to check out reported issues with same.

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            shelliez69294637 Level 1

            Hi Dov,

            Thanks for your advice, yes Ive upgraded to windows 10 along with the hardware upgrades.

            What you suggest makes sense, I will look into that.

            As for exporting everytime I want to print, its just not an option forme and how I work but I do see the merit in doing it that way.

            Thanks again