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    Action for changing multiple pdf security settings to none.


      I am updating some pdf files on Acrobat DC for a company. While I have the security password and everything was going well the fact that I changed the file via Acrobat DC changed the accessibility of the files from Acrobat X and later due to change of the security settings. My boss, though has Acrobat IX and cannot check what I have done via Acrobat and change what they want and they also want for other companies that may be only using an older version of Acrobat and not Reader to be able to view the files and not be commented to use Reader. So my question is if there is a way to create an action to change the security settings to none for all the files (having the password as I said) so that my boss can create the security settings again from an older version of Acrobat. Changing them one by one would be a waste of time as I am refering to 3000 files.

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          Found it myself. For windows you have to choose edit>preferences and choose action wizard on the left side of the window then change security method from none to password security. Then create an action via action wizard choosing protection>encrypted and save&export>save. Choose security method none at the encrypted option and choose your location at the save option. Then the action is ready to run for files that share the same password.