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    Strange error whilst invoking complex webservice object


      I'm trying to create a request for a complex webservice datatype (InternationalShippingServiceOptionsType) for the ebay SOAP api.

      I am constructing this request using structures where InternationalShippingServiceOptions is a structnew().


      ebayRequestPacket.Item.ShippingDetails.InternationalShippingServiceOption = StructNew();

      This is the way I haver been (successfully) modeling the wsdl complex datatypes for other datatypes so far.

      However, this one is throwing the following error:

      Error converting CFML arguments to Java classes for web service invocation.
      Unable to create web service argument class [LeBLBaseComponents.apis.ebay.InternationalShippingServiceOptionsType;. Error: java.lang.InstantiationException: [LeBLBaseComponents.apis.ebay.InternationalShippingServiceOptionsType;. Often this is because the web service defines an abstract complexType as an input to an operation. You must create an actual instance of this type in Java.

      I have tried creating an instance of the java object of the InternationalShippingServiceOptionsType using CreateObject() but to no avail.

      Has anybody encountered the above error before?

      And if so, what did you do to get around it?

      Any help would be extremely appreciated.