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    LR Mobile changes RAW file color

    Thomas Geist Level 1

      This is for LR Mobile 2.41 on iOS.


      I have RAW files (Olympus OM-D E-M1) that LR syncs with LR Mobile.

      In grid view or in single image view on my devices they look fine - until I either three finger tap or just export to Camera Roll or any other app.

      Then the colors get severely shifted.


      Here is the JPEG version:


      And here is the RAW file's smart preview after three finger tap:


      One more, even more severe, JPEG:


      And RAW file smart preview after three finger tap:



      I think this can rightfully be called inacceptible. If these images are exported, the effect is the same.

      I also tried this with RAW files from other cameras (Nikon) and the effect is similar.


      Anybody else can verify this? It happens for me on both, my iPad Air 2 as well as my iPhone 6.

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          TotallyUnstoppable Level 3

          Have you processed the RAW files?

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            Thomas Geist Level 1

            No. They only have a camera specific file applied (as default) in Lightroom on my Mac.

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              TotallyUnstoppable Level 3

              So you have a camera-specific preset that's applying colour/contrast changes on your PC, but when you sync the image with your iPad it's those which are being lost?


              The JPEG version is bound to be different because it's been processed (colour, contrast, sharpening, noise reduction, and so on) in-camera, but the RAW file hasn't.  How do the JPEG and RAW files compare on your PC?

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                Thomas Geist Level 1

                There's actually no color or contrast setting applied in LR. Only a profile (under the Calibration tab).


                RAW and JPEG are identical on my computer (besides very minor differences because of JPEGs being sRGB). But nothing as whopping as the severe desaturation of reds as seen in my screenshots.


                BTW in my previous reply I meant  camera specific PROFILE not file. Sorry about the confusion

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                  Thomas Geist Level 1

                  Looks like I found the problem:


                  It actually IS the camera profile.

                  If I set the camera profile to Adobe Standard in Lightroom on the desktop then the colors are identical to three finger tap or export in LR Mobile.


                  This means that LR Mobile in its current state obviously does not respect or apply camera profiles other than Adobe Standard.


                  The question is - what is Adobe's view on this? Many people do use camera profiles in LR but LR Mobile's ignoring them makes real synchronized work tough.


                  Hopefully this will be addressed soon!

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                    BGhibby Level 1

                    Further to this you can force LR Mobile to use a different profile. LR mobile works with smart previews which are lossy DNG files with embedded profiles. While there is no way to tell LR what profile to apply to the smart previews, I have found from some brief testing that it appears to assign the first profile in the drop down list in the calibration tab in LR, this is always Adobe Standard.


                    The Adobe Standard profile appears first due to the folder structure within the LR program directory for camera profiles. Custom profiles you create appear below this and alphabetically sorted.  I have found a way around this: Create a profile and export it from DNG profile editor with the name set to "01 Profile xxx".  This forces it to take the number one spot in the drop down list on the calibration tab, ahead of Adobe Standard. When LR creates the smart previews for LR Mobile it simply embeds the first profile in the list, this is then the profile used by LR mobile as it is embedded in the smart preview lossy DNG files.  It seems to work OK, need to test a bit further and now my LR mobile edits take my preferred base profile rather than jumping back to Adobe Standard.


                    Hopefully a future version of LR mobile will allow choice of camera profile but for now this work around is the only way I can think of to get more consistent colours between LR and its companion app if you do not want to use the Adobe Standard profile.


                    Hope this helps.




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                      Thomas Geist Level 1

                      Yes, this is exactly what I found - first profile in the list.


                      Your workaround looks good, I just need to make sure this renamed profile is available on all my computers.


                      One thing I do wonder: where does LR mobile get those profiles from? I mean, the color changes right away, without any connection to any LR desktop.

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                        BGhibby Level 1

                        I sync profiles between all my PC's.  I use Win 7 and Microsoft SyncToy. Set up a folder pairing to the default camera profiles folder (C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles), copy to your portable drive and then again between computers and its literally a 5 second job.


                        I think all LR mobile is doing is using the embedded profile within the Smart Preview file.  I think the issue is possibly with the main LR software not the mobile app.  The cause I suspect is that it needs to embed a profile in the lossy DNG Smart Preview file and just pulls down the first one on the list.  I would be surprised if an option to select profile on smart preview for LR mobile does not appear one day soon but for now the work around seems OK as I start to use LR mobile more and more.