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    png sequence into animation in edge animate



      I have spent days searching the almighty internet and couldn't find what I need. I am a total newbie with the whole html5 and other programming. I am just a graphic designer, but now I have to make an interactive animated graphic that comes out in html5. That's why I decided to use edge animate.


      I have now 10 different PNG sequences (around 100 images each, transparent background) and I need to somehow turn them into functional animations in one big graphic. I need to be able to play each animation on click as well as go back to start with second click.


      Is there a way how to automatically make these animations from PNG sequence? (in Edge or FW or Flash, whatever works the best)


      I've read about making an animated symbol in FW and use some extension to import it to Edge animate, but then again it seems that I have to manually drag each image to separate state in FW...


      Does anyone know? Could you give me a detailed answer pretty please?