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    EXIF Timestamps Wrong on LR Mobile Android

    TotallyUnstoppable Level 3

      When using the Lightroom Camera on Android, the Date/Time Original value in the EXIF is wrong - it's around two days out.  The effect of this is that images don't appear in the right order in the built-in gallery.


      Here are some examples:



      LRM_20160802_092415.dng (correct)


      EXIF Data

      Modify Date         2016:07:30 01:01:59 (incorrect)

      Date/Time Original  2016:07:30 01:01:59 (incorrect)



      LRM_20160802_092542.dng (correct)


      EXIF Data

      Modify Date         2016:07:30 01:03:26 (incorrect)

      Date/Time Original  2016:07:30 01:03:26 (incorrect)


      The timestamps are always at least two days behind, but not by the same amount each time.


      This is with OnePlus 3 (A3003), Marshmallow 6.0.1, OxygenOS 3.2.2, Build ONEPLUS A3003_16_160725

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          I have exactly the same problem on my LG V10 running Android 6.0.


          The photos are filed based on inaccurate EXIF dates and times, but the filenames themselves reflect the actual capture date and time.


          The result is that photos taken early in a day are filed with the previous day's date (and variable times) but photos taken late in that same day might be filed either under the correct capture date or the previous date.


          This means that photos for a specific date are likely to be filed under two different dates.


          The wrong times seem to be inconsistent as to the amount of error. Sometimes they are close to accurate (but on the wrong date) and other times they are 20 hours or more off (but on the wrong date).


          Even if a photo is filed under the correct date it is still filed with an inaccurate capture time, meaning that photos are sorted to be out of order from when they were actually captured.


          And the filenames contain the actual and correct capture date and time.

          Photos imported from the device camera using the stock Android camera app are filed based on the correct, actual capture date and time.


          I've seen references to this problem dating from 2 or 3 years ago but didn't see either a solution or workaround. Is there anything that I can do to correct this error?

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            carld2369650 Level 1

            While the bug may be fixed in Android 7.1.1, that doesn't solve my problem since I have Android 6.0 and there is no possibility of my upgrading my current phone beyond Android 6.


            So this doesn't help me but it will prevent the problem in the future for people who purchase phones with Android 7.1.1 (and presumably beyond).