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    Inserting a Separate Text Box Mid-Page on a Two-Column Layout




      I am working on a book with a two-column layout.  At various points, I need to insert what are effectively chapter breaks.  Currently, I have one giant text frame that flows for all 65 pages.  This layout is (I think?) rendered necessary by scripts I am running for our line numbers and our endnotes.


      My initial idea was to put the chapter title in as a separate text frame and wrap the main text around it, so that I could preserve the single frame of the main text.  Unfortunately, in the two-column layout, this means that the text in the first column went *below* the chapter title to fill the first column, no matter where I moved it.


      I suspect I may need to end the text frame of the first chapter and start a second one for the new chapter to achieve the effect I want.  However, I have a few worries about that:  first, if I simply ended the text frame, would I have to delete the other 55 pages (after this break) that I have already partially formatted, and re-insert them from scratch in the new chapter's text box?  Second, I am also worried that making a separate text frame might ruin my endnote and line number scripts.


      (NB: If I need to end this text frame and start a new one, I can't figure out how to do it on an early page of a many-page text frame, so I will need help with that, too.)


      Is there a simple way to insert this text box so that the first chapter's text ends neatly in two columns above it, and the next chapter's text begins neatly in two columns below it?


      Please see attached screen capture, showing the current state of affairs.  The text box has been inserted with a simple text wrap around it.


      2016-08-02 (1).png