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    After Effects CC / Media Encoder CC render bug after last update version / 2015.3


      Hi Community,


      after the last CC update I have a big problem. There is an issue rendering sound from AE via the Media Encoder. When I export directly from AE everthing is fine but when I send the export files via dynamic link to the Medie Encoder I get wrong encoded sound in the last second of the clip. Curiosly it puts a part of the track from another point of the same track in there. There is a sudden break and then in the last second you can hear just a random sound fragment (in this case a femal voice). Its hard to discribe. Here is a wetransfer link where you can hear waht I am talking about.




      As far I noticed it doesnt matter which project, which frame rate or which format settings....thats always the result. We make on air production...I need to solve this issue very urgent.