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    Advise for license purchasing

    Paaj Level 1

      I have a question for purchasing license(s) as a freelance motion designer.

      I have a desktop and in the near future a notebook. With one single full membership I could install the CC apps on both devices.
      But I probably get another desktop machine.

      So 3 computers.

      - The main desktop machine

      -  A Notebook

      - A 2nd dekstop machine

      This 2nd machine will mainly be used as a extra render machine for 3D renders. Most of the time you don't need extra render power for After Effects or Premiere projects, but if there is ever a big project where my main machine is blowing steam because of all the hard work and I want to be able to render a video on the second machine. Do I need a full license for Creative Cloud to be able to render on that machine?


      Or could I (for example) install only Media Encoder on the 2nd machine and open a Premiere or After Effects project with that? Maybe the first question must be: Can you install only Media Encoder on a third machine?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A single user license/subscription requires that the user only be using the subscription on one machine at any time - that is what you agree to limit yourself to when you accept the license agreement.  If you wish to use software of a subscription on two machines simultaneously then you would have to have two licenses/susbcriptions.

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            Paaj Level 1

            But one license allows you to install the apps on multiple machines and allows it to work on 2 machines.

            It says so in the FAQ about Creative Cloud.


            Link: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/faq.html



            Yes. You can download and install Creative Cloud desktop applications on multiple computers, regardless of operating system. However, activation is limited to two machines per individual associated with the membership. See the terms of use for more information. Learn how to deactivate a Creative Cloud license on a machine.


            And if that is true, then you should be able to (for instance) render a Premiere project on one machine and work on a After Effects project on another. Is that correct? If not. Then I would like to know what the other options are.


            Then I would like to have some advice on that. Which is a better option? 2 individual licenses or should you look at team licenses?

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi Jaap,


              Adobe license can be activated on 2 machines using the same Adobe ID but can be used only one at a time.

              Refer: Licenses and terms of use | Adobe




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                Paaj Level 1

                Thanks for this clarification.

                So with one license I'm good with working on a notebook and desktop, but not at the same time. Which probably won't happen soon. If I ever am in need for working (or rendering) on 2 machines I would need another license. And if I ever need another machine to be able to render or whatever. Then it's definitely necessary.


                My question for the best purchase option for multiple licenses is still open though. If I would need 2 or more licenses. What is the best option? 2 single licenses or should I look at the team options?


                Personally I think it would be cool if Adobe gave you the option to install Media Encoder on multiple machines for rendering on the side.

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