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    instantiate the SWF class.

    laraibm53445555 Level 1

      hey I am following this link for create swf files from .fla files then I will combine those SWFs to create one SWF file then I will extract my ipa from that.

      Joining multiple SWF files into one SWF for iOS deployment | Adobe Developer Connection


      1. The first step is to build the SWFs in Flash Professional or Flash Builder as you would normally, but make each SWF a class. Instead of loading a SWF dynamically via the Loader class, SWFLoader, or a similar mechanism, you'll instantiate the SWF class. Once you join all SWFs together, you will be instantiating its contents, not loading it.

      This is first step and I dont know how to link instantiate swf and link them to main class can some one please guide me how to do that?