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    Ghost recon wildlands template.


      Hello guys,


      I'm new to both this forum and after effects.

      I am hoping to get some help/advices on how to recreate the outro template of this ghost recon trailer wich starts at 2:09 min:

      Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer - "We are Ghosts" - YouTube


      Thx in advance !




      ( ps: don't worry i'm patient with the leaning )

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          spikeb526153 Level 1

          Up !


          no idea ?

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            The video isn't available on youtube.  It's not there.  Tough to give advice, y'know?

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              spikeb526153 Level 1

              Oh ?


              Maybe with this link :

              Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer – We Are Ghosts [US] - YouTube

              Same, it starts from 2:09 min.

              Hope it works.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                This is nothing more than three layers. The bottom layer is the background footage, the next layer is the skull, the top layer is the diagonal slash marks. The top two layers of been set as 3-D layers and the z position and opacity have been animated. Depending on the footage you may also need a colored solid or gradient layer just above the bottom footage layer that you use to darken the footage as the graphics move into frame.


                It would be a very good idea if you went through some of the basic training materials available on the aAE product homepage.  If you have a basic understanding of the way the app works you should be able to duplicate this effect using the explanation above.  Someone may jump in with a step-by-step custom tutorial for you. My suggestion is to learn the UI and the workflow by going  through some basic training first  and to get used to using the search help field at the top right corner of the app to find out how to do things you don't understand because the community resources are much better than a Google search.

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                  spikeb526153 Level 1

                  Sure !


                  I understand i'll go through the basic stuff and if someone could do a step by step tutorial it would be great too.

                  Sorry if a similar post was already on the forum and i do understand that the resources out here are way better, i did search on google to find out but didn't find anything. That's the reason why i came here .


                  So bottom line thanks a lot and i'll be more careful next time :3

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                    Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                    definitely more that 3 layers because you got camera and particles and probably some color correction effects (these alone usually take more than one layer). also there is some 3d movement here and not just the texture layer but within parts of the layer (those diagonal lines are separated in 3D). but this probably could also be achieved by a 3D effect of some sort (Card Dance?) though I believe it was not.


                    the main thing here is the impressive effect of the the diagonal transitions and this is something you could do with this script: Slice it Up - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com and I believe it was done with it because it's easy this way.



                    I tried to do it native in Ae with built in effects with Card Dance but couldn't. Rick, can you show how to make the transition diagonal lines but not to rotate the layer itself? is that possible?

                    here is the layer you can use if from here


                    I applied this as a gradient:

                    these were my settings

                    but I can't seem to get diagonal transition without distorting the layer itself and it looks like this

                    instead of looking like this

                    and if I don't rotate it, the transition is like this which is not diagonal


                    seems the Z rotation only works for both sides together making a cross and not a slash

                    what do you think?

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                      spikeb526153 Level 1

                      Thx a lot for your response i will give this script a try tonight.


                      the native version does interest me, waiting for rick's respons :3

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                        Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                        to be clear I am talking about this part



                        the first part is probably a psd texure layer that is divided into couple of parts/displaced in Z space and there are several ways to do that. this creates a paralax effect as the camera is in dolly out movement.  once it reaches the skull there is a linear wipe to the actual skull that is displaced and "put together" and all this is supported by a nice particle effect which I have wrote about earlier.


                        this is the skull part:

                        using these diagonal lines as a displacement map layer for the displacement map effect

                        I have created this:


                        you can zoom in here to see the actual settings

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                          spikeb526153 Level 1

                          it's pretty nice already ! :3 now, do you think the particle is hard to recreate ? i didn't have the time to learn the basics yet.

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                            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                            the latest trapcode particular has a pretty intuitive interface with the new effects builder. this makes generating particles fun and easier than before. still - particle effects require a lot of practice. give that a try, and if it's too complicated go for the already made particles you can find online and just use a blend mode to place in on top of  your footage.

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                              spikeb526153 Level 1

                              Okay thanks a lot mate