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    Lightroom CC not responding / lagging


      Hey guys..


      I upgraded my Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 last week, mainly due to it not being able to handle my workflow.


      Running Photoshop and Lightroom simultaneously is the only thing i ask for with my computer, and my Lenovo couldn't cope with it.


      Im now working with a Macbook Pro and for the first week everything seemed perfect.


      Up until yesterday..


      Im a photographer and all my work is processed through LR and then finished off in PS.


      I was close to finishing a picture yesterday when I noticed LR started to lag a little, not thinking too much of it, I carried on.


      I was using the Brush tool when this started to happen, zoomed right in to 3:1 deleting what i needed to to get finished.


      The problem got worse, it seemed LR was not responding, taking a good 5 minutes to load, both the cursor loading spinning wheel and another in loading symbol constantly rotating and nothing else seeming to happen, eventually they would both stop as if I could carry on, so i did, then the same problem happened again, again, again and again.


      As you know once you click 'Done' when using a Brush, you can take a step back, but can't go back into the Brush as you were using it, to continue what you were doing.


      So after this annoying hour of despair, knowing I wouldn't be able to go back and finish it as easy as it should of been, I closed LR and restarted my Mac.


      After rebooting and loading everything back up to see if I could recover my image, the same problem started again straight away.


      Even going into a different image in my catalog.


      Constant lag, not responding as soon as you click on anything! Sliders, zoom, anything. Its annoying.


      I moved from Windows to Apple hoping I not to have any issues while editing. Now i can't edit anything.


      My Macbook is literally 1 week old, running OS X El Capitan. Version 10.11.5


      Im using Adobe Creative Cloud and believe Lightroom is up to date.


      Photoshop seems to be fine.


      No other problems with the Mac at all.


      Any help would be fantastic.




      Liam Norton.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          I was using the Brush tool when this started to happen, zoomed right in to 3:1 deleting what i needed to to get finished.

          As you do more and more brushing on a photo, you will notice the lag gets worse. This is an unfortunate drawback to Lightroom. You can try turning off the GPU acceleration in Lightroom (Preferences->Performance tab, then uncheck the box). If that doesn't help: as long as you are finishing your photos in Photoshop anyway, you probably should just do the brushing in Photoshop, where there will be no lag.