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    How do I fix CC 2015.5 Opening Files in InDesign Error

    Tezzy Level 1

      At work we recently upgraded to CC 2015.5. Previously I was working on a PC but have just moved to a MAC. I have installed all of my CC applications but I'm having issues opening my InDesign Files from within the application. I was previously working in CC 2014, PC version. When I try to open my files, I get an error message saying InDesign is unable to open the file. Either I don't have permission or the file is already open. On my second attempt to open the files, they will open.


      I have checked permissions and I have permission to write and read my files.


      I'm able to open files on the first attempt from Finder and the "Open With" command.


      I'm also unable to do a "Save As" to the folder where my files need to be. If I do a "save as" to my desktop, InDesign will save the files. I can then move the files to the proper folder, reopen and proceed with my work.


      PLEASE HELP if you know what might be causing these errors.