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    Dropdown to convert PDF to Word is not appearing - help!

    kareni31739247 Level 1

      I am trying to convert a PDF to word but there is no drop-down that appears when I click on "Export PDF" in the right hand pane.


      I have opened the document using Adobe Reader DC and I am signed into my account. Can anyone help please? This is so frustrating and is the 2nd time I've had this problem. I want to cancel my membership if I can't do this. Adobe took the money for my 4th year of membership 2 days ago but there is no way to contact them by phone to discuss this issue. It happened last time I tried to convert the document and I had to give up.


      It used to be easy to do but since the update to Adobe Reader DC or whatever it is, I cannot convert.  Does anyone have an email address for support or a phone number that I can call. To repeat, when I click on the link that says "Export PDF" no drop-down appears so I can't send it for conversion.


      Huge thanks in advanced for help!