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    Cannot change TOC Page icons in RH10


      I have successfully customized the TOC Page icons in previous versions, but in RH10, the option seems to be missing. Following past method as well as advice from Help & Forums, I right-click the page in TOC pod, choose Properties, Advanced tab, but once there all I see are Frame and Comment options. There is no option to change the icon from Auto to another style from a drop-down list (as I was expecting to see under Advanced). My OS is Windows 7 Enterprise, 64-bit. Just as an aside, I have used this feature in the past to indicate a topic that has new content or for topics of a different nature.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I don't have RH10 in front of me at the moment, so I'm completely drawing from memory on this.


          When you look at your Single Source Layouts pod, what is the primary layout set to?


          If it's not configured for Microsoft HTML Help, find that layout and right-click it. Then nominate it to be the primary layout. Once you do this, I'd be willing to bet a dollar against a donut that you will now see the option to change the icons.


          Cheers... Rick

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            JeffH_2656 Level 1

            Nailed it! Although I have (only) generated HTML Help several times, the "Primary Layout" was set to WebHelp. Changing primary layout to HTML made more options including "Image" appear in the TOC Page Properties / Advanced dialog.


            Thanks, Rick, for your quick and helpful response. Owe you a donut .


            I hope changes were made in newer Rh versions so this required setting is more obvious. Better, imho, to disable certain options in a dialog rather than have them just "disappear" when a remote setting is changed. Or at least explain with context-sensitive help for that particular dialog/tab.