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    22 Minutes of Emptiness at the End of Video


      I made a video that is 4 minutes and 32 seconds long, yet the video is over 26 minutes long! :/ It's just an mp4 video, cut up, with a bit of music added, and I used the TiemZone feature a few times to speed it up, but NOTHING massive or unusual.Screenshot (61).png

      That's the project above ^ I have no problem with this, as I THOUGHT I would just upload it to YouTube and use the YouTube editor to remove the black at the end and it would be no big deal, but (Idk if this is an error or if this happens with everyone) it won't let me upload videos over 15 minutes long. Please help me either figure out how to:

      EITHER remove the blank space at the end OR upload a video over 15 minutes long. Thank you in advance! <3

      BTW, the version is Adobe Premiere Elements 13