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    Indesign CC Bridge Button issue

    cpattersonv1 Level 1

      When inside of Indesign CC, when I hit the bridge button in the UI it's opening the CC dropdown from the Finder and not actually opening bridge.


      Additionally, when I select an image and hit "reveal in bridge" the same action occurs, the CC menu opens and scrolls down to the bridge icon (not helpful).
      **Update** The same functionality works in Illustrator, so I know that Bridge registration is not the issue.

      Latest versions of all apps are installed, with the exception of the Playskool Version of Acrobat.

      Obviously uninstall and reinstall might fix the issue, but am on deadline and do not have time for that. Anything I can edit, from a text file standpoint, or a pref I can delete to remedy the issue?


      Helpful feedback is welcome.


      OS: Mac OS X 10.11.6