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    Stock photo issues


      I have downloaded several .ai files from my Adobe Stock membership for stock photos for my social media. I spent TWO HOURS this morning trying to open one of my photo downloads - first by downloading Adobe Reader and then Inkscape. Neither program will open the file, both returned error messages "file corrupt."  I have re-downloaded the photo from Adobe 3 times.

      This is not the first time this has happened - I've wasted several of my paid downloads on files that will never work for me (unless I purchase additional paid software from Adobe, which I really don't need or use since I'm not a graphic designer.)


      I had Dollar Photo Club for over a year and those downloads always worked. I was forced to convert to the Adobe Stock site and I really dislike it. It's not user-friendly, has no support and offers no way to credit photos that will not download properly, etc.  As soon as I find time (now that I've wasted 1/3 of my day) I will download the photo credits I currently have and find another stock photo site that is simpler and more customer oriented.