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    Footnote marker and comma mess up hyphenation

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      Twice in the past week, I have seen something I had never seen before. A word with a text-only footnote marker tacked on the end hyphenated the last letter of the word: "blanquean^a" became "blanquea-n^a". Then today, I got "Jaco-b,^a", where it split the comma. These are in Spanish, and it's possible the dictionary is more flexible or less developed than the English: USA, which I usually use. Also, I am not using the footnote feature in InDesign since it will not allow two-column text and one-column footnotes.


      I have tried several tactics to block this hyphenation, such as a non-joiner before the marker, but to no avail. If I force a no-break in a character style, then I lose the benefit of hyphenation with longer words like "blanquean." The other factor is, I must keep the markers butted against the word or the punctuation; I just don't want the syllables to recompose with the marker added on.


      This happened in CC 2015 for Mac ( Here is a link to the idml of the offending paragraphs for testing: https://biblica.box.com/shared/static/nns61ibng13nfzlk7rpbis9p8tgqnhr9.idml.


      Thanks for your help!