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    I have a lot to say, but my lips don't work, anyone help?


      I have the lip snyc moths in a separate .AI file, (Screen shot 1)BUT when I copy and paste, I still lose the +Mouth.

      I got the +Mouth into the Head layer. BUT when I try and copy the +Mouth Layer into the separate Head Poses, I lose the +Mouth Layer.

      Any one have any ideas that might help?



      Any way to increase the size of my screen shots?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          I'm guessing you're following these directions from the Mouth section (11:49 in)?



          Sounds like Illustrator selection / grouping issues. Illustrator's selection model can be confusing - but basically, every time you double click something, you're isolating just that particular group. If things are showing up at the wrong level or the wrong thing is getting copied/pasted, try going one level above/below. I'd recommend:


          + Selecting on the canvas, not layers on the right

          + Double-clicking to get in and out of isolated groups

          + If need be, select multiple mouths on the canvas and re-group them together as a new Mouth group.


          In the above video, note exactly how I copy and paste Stannie's mouths and try the same - if you have head turns, you'll probably have to go down one additional level to place the mouth correctly.


          Hope that helps.