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    Duplicate HD entries in catalog

    photoman39 Level 1

      LR CC on Windows 10

      I have all my files in a 1TB networked hard drive (backed up into other hd's) except for those I am currently working on my C drive.

      My file structure on the HD is - Buffalo\share\Pictures\Family\subfolders.

      I have a separate LR catalog for my Family photos.

      Somehow in the past I have ended up with two entries in the LR catalog. One is Buffalo\share\Family and the other is Buffalo\SHARE\Family.

      The majority of my files are in the latter, and all current entries get transfered into there.

      So I have the following problems in trying to consolidate the folders:

      1. Some of the folders in Buffalo\share\Family are the same as the ones in Buffalo\SHARE\Family but with different content. Some of the folders are only in Buffalo\share\Family. The files cannot be dragged from one to the other as 'they already exist'. Checking 'Show in Explorer' confirms that they are all in the same folder on the HD.

      2. Not all the folders on the hard drive show in the catalog.  I have synchronized. I have attempted to import those folders but they 'already exist'.


      I am attaching a screenshot.  This is an old catalog. I have had LR from its start and as you can see the catalog is Family-2-2-2.

      Obviously it must be corrupt

      Can anyone give my advice on hoe to fix without losing all my develop records.




      Screenshot (3).png

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Well LR thinks they are 2 different drive because the name is different. One is all Caps and the other is all lower case (SHARE to share).


          How does the file manager program for your OS see it?

          Is this network drive connected directly to your LAN or is it through a router that has a USB port to create a networked drive from any external USB drive that is connected to the USB port of the router.

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            photoman39 Level 1

            The file manager sees it as \share, no caps.  But when I use the synchronize option from \SHARE it goes ahead and does it.  Or at least for most of the folders.  As I said there are some missing.

            The drive is connected to the router but with a LAN connector not a usb port.  The computer is connected to the router in the same way i.e  they are both hard wired.

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              photoman39 Level 1

              Also  if I select show 'show in explorer' for any of the pics in \SHARE it shows it as being in the \share folder on the HD

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                photoman39 Level 1

                And if LR thought that they were 2 separate drives shouldn't it let me drag files from one to the other?  But it says 'already  exists in destination'

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Jim Wilde posted an answer to solving the Uppercase/Lowercase problem (1 year ago?) in this thread-

                  Lightroom creates duplicate folder after PS edit or Import from disk | Photoshop Family Customer Community


                  And the procedure to correct- taken from another post (location unknown):  Edit: Found it here-Lightroom 4.3 Duplicate folders being created on import

                  Inside Lightroom there are two directories with the same contents. Note that no new directory is actually created, LR just thinks there is one (you can check with "show in Finder"). So, even though it appears there are duplicate directories and files, in reality they are all correctly located in the original directory. LR is simply confused.


                  Temporary solution to get rid of capitals and duplicate directories:

                  In Lightroom:

                  1. Update capitals folder location to correct lowercase folder (right click on the capitals folder, then choose "update folder location")
                  2. Lightroom will ask if OK to merge the two - say yes.
                  3. Everything now appears to be OK, except that with any new import the capitals folder will reappear.


                  How to get rid of capitalisation problem for this specific directory/catalog altogether:

                  In OSX Finder:

                  1. Create a new folder with a different name (at the same level of the directory hierarchy as the old one).
                  2. Move contents of the old folder to the new folder, delete the old folder.

                  In Lightroom:

                  1. Start Lightroom.
                  2. LR now cannot find the old folder, so reconnect the photo library to the new folder ("update folder location", as above)
                  3. Rename new folder to original name.

                  From now on when importing no capitals directory will appear. (That is until LR gets confused again - not able to figure out what causes this to happen).

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                    photoman39 Level 1

                    This sounded really great until I found that there is no 'update folder location" in the sub- menu!  The \SHARE and \share are both major sub heads (?) just like the C:\ and do not have that option.  When I try it with the \Family folder, which of course does have that option, LR shows it in SHARE\   !!!   So, as you said, LR is confused.

                    I am traveling today and will try the other option tomorrow.

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                      photoman39 Level 1

                      After much experimenting I found the answer which turned out to be quite simple.  Selecting the highest level of folder that I had I chose 'Show Parent folder" from the drop down menu. That then made each of the Hard Drive entries show Pictures/Family and Pictures /Friends.  Then in one of them I selected Remove from Catalog.  The second Hard Drive then disappeared and I have them in one location.