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    URGENT!! Send an email from Flash 8

      The problem is: I have a web site made with Flash 8 and in CONTACT section there is an email Form, this one must send the basic sender info (name, email, comments) but my FormMail.pl script dont works, then I´ll like another one solution for this problem. Thanx
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          2m Level 2
          It would be helpfull, if you could:

          post the fla

          a link to the former html form that worked with FormMail.pl if that exsists (or the docu for FormMail.pl)

          I write this, because normaly a working solution in html should work with flash if it is done right and uses the same variable naes etc. It might be that your perl script checks for the referer and the flash form has to be at the exact same location as the former html one in order to work