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    Files disappearing when syncing collection from desktop to mobile.


      Hello! First of all, thank you adobe for making these wonderful products and giving us a place to discuss them.


      I am a recent lightroom user. i did some searching through forums, and found items relating to this.. but not this exact issue. cheers.




      I synched several collections from my desktop to lightroom mobile, to do some editing on the go.


      Several days later i go to do some work on them on the desktop. The thumbnails/previews of the images in each collection are still there, but the actual images can not be found. any where. not on my computer, nor within lightroom. They are how ever still 'on' my iPad running lightroom mobile.


      is this normal?


      how do i get the pictures safe and sound back on my computer.


      this raises other questions as well that i will look into.