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    Reference material for Dw users.

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      Hi All,


      Over the last few months I have noticed a very large increase in the number of posts, where the person posting appears to know almost nothing about web development, and cannot even apply the solution given to them when it is posted.


      What I would like to propose, is that Preran create a document that can be updated with a list of link references, to sites that we would recommend users go to to learn what to do, and how to do it. Naturally I do not think it will cover all circumstances, as there will always be people who simply think we should supply or modify the complete page code for them,


      With the introduction of sass/less support in Dw. 2017, and the complexities of using Bootstrap, (even if some of us don't agree with it ) links to sites offering good basic learning tutorials for these, should I think also be included.


      Even links to good tutorials for how the web works, (e.g. http/https, server latency)  or how to use and find bugs shown in the validators, would also be helpful.


      I don't think we should include specifics such as how to create a particular layout, advanced usage of css, or anything that can or may possibly become dated within a few years, but keep it to the basics if possible. After all we are not here to teach, or solve problems when it is obvious the user has overstretched themselves, (they don't know, what they don't know), and telling them where to get the information they require, is I think a much better solution.


      I would also ask that anyone posting a link to something that must be paid for, should say this, say if it is region specific (Europe, USA, Pacific region, etc) and provide the current cost, (dated of course).


      My starter link for learning the basics of html, css & javascript would be -



      Good, or Bad idea?




      BTW: If we think we have problems with this, you should visit the Muse forum.


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