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    Cannot read on Nook Glowlight Plus


      Downloaded book from local library, (they confirmed I did it correctly).  Transferred to Nook, but won't open - get this error message: this book is not activated for current ade users.  ADE is activated on my computer. Barnes and Noble say it is an ADE problem.  Saw several places that said to delete ADE from Nook, but am unable to find it, there are no hidden files.  Have already uninstalled ADE and reinstalled.  Have pretty much given up, wish I had bought another ereader (bought this for my husband, who does not know computers, he can't understand why I can't fix this! 

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          Nanaky Level 5

          At moment seems the reader not right work with digital edition: Digital Editions will not recognize my new nook Glowlight Plus.

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            sallyr1943 Level 1

            Did all the things recommended, called B&N, on phone 1/2 hour with them, they advised same things, walked me thru them (things I had already tried),which still don't work.  Told me Glowlight doesn't support ADE, said should copy from browser to Nook,  which also doesn't work.  I finally just hung up, too aggravated.  I will post if I ever get this resolved!

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              Nanaky Level 5

              Sorry for you but at moment you could nothing do.

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                alexonNook Level 1

                Sep 2016 - Not sure if this is EXACTLY the same problem but I have only recently bought a Nook (Simple Touch Glowlight 4GB) and have had the error, 'User not activated', with 3 of the eBooks I have bought from online retailers.  (I live in the UK and we are not allowed to buy directly from Barnes and Noble !!)

                I have been receiving an '.acsm' file then downloading the EPUB file using Adobe Digital Editions.  At this point I can read the book on screen on my iMac but when I sideload it on to my Nook, the Nook does not allow me to read it - 'User not activated'.

                I have then used an independent, free, eBook program called, 'Calibre', to load the first, downloaded EPUB file into Calibre's own 'library'.  At this point I go to the Calibre Library folder on the Mac and copy that version directly on to the Nook.

                I don't understand what the difference is or why it works - I did wonder if Calibre stripped out the copyright (DRM) stuff from the eBook but I don't believe it can do that.

                If you have received an EPUB file from your library, try loading that into Calibre and using the fresh Calibre version on the Nook as above.

                I hope this helps.

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                  janweir Level 1

                  I've had several versions of the Nook reader.  Bought the very first one, bought the Nook Glow Light and about 6 months ago, bought the Nook Glow Light Plus.  The software for the first two versions were very user friendly and it was very easy to download library books (Adobe Digital Editions) and the corresponding .epub files.  However, the Nook Glow Light Plus - what a pain.  The Nook is not automatically recognized by the ADE and so you have to "show the file in Explorer" and then basically copy/paste the .epub file over to the Nook Glow Light Plus.  OK, I've done this successfully for 6 months and all of a sudden, this week, even though I can see the .epub file format on my Glow Light Plus (using a file explorer), when I try to open it on my Nook, I get the message "loan token update failed."  I made sure that my version of the software for ADE was up to date (it is at version 3.0) and than I had both my ADE on my laptop and my Nook Plus authorized (it is).  Was on Nook CHAT for 30 minutes and they finally gave up and told me to call Nook tech support.  Was on the phone for 20 minutes and finally, they said that Nook is "working on this problem" and that they are aware that this is an issue and that "as we speak, Nook is working on a solution."  However, no solution right now.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.