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    Importing from a backup external drive

    cruxrush Level 1

      I tried to transfer photos from my 2011 MacBook Pro (with Snow Leopard so limited to Lightroom 3) to a friend's brand new 2016 iMac (with Lightroom 5 not 6) via a Seagate portable external drive which I use to back up the MacBook (with Carbon Copy Cloner). The new iMac and Lightroom 5 were "virgin", completely blank. The import went apparently successfully but I found all the develop data had been stripped out. I applied a "remove chromatic aberration" preset during import (I don't know why Adobe doesn't make that the default—can someone explain) but could that have had anything to do with it? Surely the develop data would be stored with the photos in the Seagate, right? Is there anyway to add the develop data or am I going to have to delete all those thousands of photos and start from scratch again (this time with no presets)? Any advice will be much appreciated.