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    Adobe Digital Editions stopped working for library books

    cindyf68454486 Level 1

      I download books for my kobo via overdrive.  I have adobe 4.0.  It has always worked then suddenly stopped.  If I try to download a book the message Error: Check Activation appears.  I have tried to deauthorize my computer so I can reauthorize it, but it says "unable to unauthorize computer.  Try later"  I also uninstalled the program and reinstalled it - that did nothing.  I then uninstalled it and installed 3.0 (older version)  Once I had 3.0 - any library book I tried to download attempted to open via Adobe Reader X with an error message of Unable to open the file.  So - no library books for me.  Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue or do I need to go back to paperback books?