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    Files Missing on Premiere and Lightroom


      My video and photo files are repeatedly disappearing off of Premiere and Lightroom.


      For Premiere, all of the sudden my files were not on my project and I kept having to locate them. When I locate them, however, they do not properly add the correct footage back to the clips I spent HOURS putting together so it has rendered my project USELESS.


      For Lightroom, my files were missing, which happen to be HUNDREDS of photographs, and I tried to locate them, and they would not even attempt to locate them.


      Note that BOTH the videos and photographs I am working on are on my Desktop!!


      What is the solution to this? I need this fixed ASAP as I have deadlines. I am trying not to lose my mind, but this worries me tremendously.


      I started using Adobe Creative Cloud in May so I am no expert; it could be a simple solution.