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    Tokina Lens profille dissapeared


      I have a Nikon camera and one of my lenses is the Tokina 11-20. When I initially installed Lightroom, the Tokina profiles were there, I used them and they worked fine. I stopped and restarted lightroom later in the day and now they are gone.  I see other lenses listed (Apple, Canon, Nikon, etc etc, but Tokina is just gone.


      I went and verified the profiles in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\Resources\LensProfiles\1.0 directory, and sure enough Tokina is there alongside many others.

      I appended here the choices I see in LR.


      What is going on and how do I fix it?


      Thank you!


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Is an image selected that was taken with a Tokina lens? It looks like you have an Apple iPhone image selected as Apple has a check mark next to it.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The problem is that the current photo is not a raw photo.  Most lens profiles are for raw files only.  A few profiles are also for JPGs.  If you want the full selection of lens profiles then work with raw photos not jpg.  And if you normally shoot raw, then for whatever reason, the current photo you have selected is not a raw photo.


            The manufacturer list you've shown us a screenshot of, with only 12 entries, is for non-raw files.


            The manufacturer list for raw files has over three times that number of items to choose from:

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              am4804828 Level 1

              Thank you!   That was it.  It works with RAW only. Once I pointed it to RAW files it re-appeared.


              Is there a way to create a JPG version?

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can make a copy of the relavent .lcp file, rename it to not include the raw in the filename (optional), edit that copy and change the somethingRAW=true to somethingRAW=false everywhere in the .lcp file copy.  Then put that .lcp copy into your User's library lens profile area.


                On Windows this is located at:


                c: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Adobe \ CameraRaw \ LensProfiles \ 1.0 \ Downloaded-or-whatever-name


                Not sure about on a Mac.


                The AppData folder is a hidden-system folder so you'll need to turn on the options to show hidden and system folders in Explorer options.  Or you can just type in %AppData% into an Explorer address bar and hit Enter and it'll put you down into the Roaming folder.