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    Why does Adobe Sign add a 2nd, Additional Signature to all of my documents?


      Every file I have 'Sent for Signature' appears to me as a single page which I then add a signature and date block to before sending. However, what gets sent (and thus returned to me after being signed) always includes this extra blank page with a signature block on it. A lot of my clients don't even realize it's there until they can't send the form back without signing it. For my purposes, this extra signature block is totally unnecessary and I definitely don't need an extra blank page with a signature on it (it confirms nothing for us). I've looked through my options before and after sending and I can't find the parameter to turn this off anywhere. It never shows up until after I send the document. Can anyone help?



      Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.52.57 PM.png



      Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.17.09 PM.png

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          The sceencaps by Mellafe say it all! Same problem.


          I believe it has something to do with Send For Signature thinking there are not any signature or initial fields so it adds a Signature Block. Why it is not seeing these required fields I do not know? It only happens when I use Send For Signature tool from Acrobat DC. It also recognizes who to send and cc the email from Signer1 and Signer 2 fields less than half of the time I'd say. The remainder, I have to manually type in the email addresses for each signer. Annoyances like these make Adobe Sign with Acrobat DC very hard to use as well as question whether you can count on it in the clutch.


          The only workaround I have found is to use DC cloud services to upload the document and add the fields each time. This is impractical for many of my forms as they have so many initials and signatures needed page to page. I have the fields set so I can just change the Signer's Email field of a signature or initial field for each Participant Role (Signer 1 or Signer 2) and click "Send For Signature" when ready to send out. Unfortunately, it is very inconsistent and at times unprofessional for me. If I cannot resolve this, I may need to consider different signing services. Be nice to get it from Adobe since I am paying for it either way.


          Open for conversation and troubleshooting to assist in resolving this issue that is often found mentioned, but never resolved.