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    Newbie needs advice

      Just downloaded for Mac 10.4, Contribute 3.11 trial version.
      I have just built a website using GoLive CS and have uploaded to our ISP free FTP server for testing.
      When I access the website via my browser the website functions correctly.

      However, the person I am building it for wants access to the pdf downloads folder, so therefore I am trialing Contribute.( have never done before)
      I am able to via the connection wizard see all the website folders/ files and physically can connect to the ftp server, however when I try to connect to the 'remote path info', Contribute returns "Contribute cannot verify your connection information / Please contact your administrator for assistance.

      I am assuming from the other threads that my ISP FTP server is blocking Contribute from accessing my website.
      Is this correct and is there anything I can do about this, considering it's free webspace for testing purposes only,