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    Paint panel option "duration" not available on CC


      Not sure if this was changed with AE CC but I can no longer find the "duration" setting in the paint panel.


      I've seen others with similar questions but haven't found an answer that works for me and there doesn't seem to be anything documented on this.


      See screenshot below. First image is what I'm looking for, second is what I have on my screen.


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      Attempting to use brush stroke frame-by-frame. Thanks for the help.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          no need to use imgur. just copy paste your screenshots here. it will be much easier for us to see and many users won't click on links anyway. you need to open you panel all the way down

          also you are working in stacked panels view. this may be less intuitive at first because panels can get narrow without relation to overlapping panels

          you can work the classic way by un-checking this

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