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    After Effects crashes when changing color space in render output


      Hello everyone,


      my after effects crashes each time, if I want to change the color space in my render output. It doesn't matter which color space or which file. This happens since I updated my after effects to version 13.8.


      This is the error message:


      <140735248756736> <BEE_WorkQueue> <5> BEE_Project::TimestampGetNextZANZIBAR-3: cannot produce timestamp, frozen=0, open=0


      I tried to go back to the version before from my backup, but as soon as I am opening this version, it is telling me, that I should deinstall and then install this version again as error 1 appeared.


      Has anyone some advice what I can do? Either getting this color space problem solved or how to install an older version from my backup? I really need a colorspace in my rendered files.


      Thanks a lot for your help.