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    Head and Legs of character seem to be linked

    Craigh Robertson

      I cannot understand what has happened. Have been through everything I can online but this character seems to keep defeating me. I'm new to the software but it makes sense to try everything out with this type of rig. I can't figure out how my character's head and legs now seem to be connected and the camera controls both at the same time - I don't want fixed points in the feet as I intend him to dance. Can this work?


      Can I chuck the file to someone to help?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Sure, feel free to send the file to me if you want. You can post it here or DM me a link to a Google Drive / Creative Cloud / Dropbox file.


          I'm planning to do a new video soon about rigging issues like this, because it's a very common thing. Hierarchy, naming/tagging, independent groups, and placing of draggables / sticks / origins can have dramatically different effects.