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    Why is the lightroom mobile upload so slow?




      I tried Lightroom mobile on iPad, and after editing a few files, I wanted to sync them, and retrieve them on my desktop.

      I managed to upload 8 pictures in 4 hours (jpegs... not even raws: maybe 25Mo in total...).

      I have been trying Wifi and 4g... I don't understand why it is so slow since it should be more than suficient to achieve the same result in a few minutes with this kind of connection.


      I have the latest version of both the app and LR, no outdated hardware, and even if my internet connection is not the best, uploads are usually way faster that this.


      There is no way I am going to use the app for raw editing if it stays like this.


      A friend had the same issue... but I couldn't find any answer after a few searches.

      Is this a known issue? Is there any way to solve it?