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    Audio corrupted when file is exported in Adobe Media Encoder Queue?


      Hey Guys


      Hope you can help me with my problem..

      I'm fairly new at working in After Effects, so i might have too get it explained in details.


      I'm currently working on several animations for at customer, where I made the visuals and got the audio lengthened elsewhere..

      There haven't been any problems with the audio previous to the lengthening..


      When i play the new audio (wav-file) in Quicktime, there's no problem at all - the same goes for when I play the audio in AE, no problem there either...

      BUT when I export the files through Adobe Media Encoder Queue (h:264 - mp4) the audio gets corrupted and when played in Quicktime,

      the last seconds gets played at least twice, just repeating itself.. I've tried with 2 out of 5 files, and both got corrupted, with the same error in the end..


      I can't figure out if the files are corrupted (from the guy who fixed them) in a way that it only 'shows' when the files are exported through AMEQ...

      Or if I'm just doing it wrong.. I've worked in AE approximately 5 months, so i don't know all the settings etc yet..


      Hope you can help as it is a urgent task and there's nobody else at the bureau i'm working at, who knows anything about AE.... Haaalp!