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    Looking for a Premiere Developer for custom scripting


      Apologies in advance as I am no developer and may use inaccurate terminology below:


      Long story short - we're looking to hire a developer to create custom scripts for Premiere. We will be editing a large volume of similarly-styled videos and want to automate the editing process since we have a small team.


      I created a screen recording of the workflow to illustrate what were looking for (a written list of steps is included in the video description). There might be some areas of this process that could be executed differently since I'm not coming from a developer state of mind. Basically, we'd be happy with any method as long as it produces the results we're looking for.


      If this is possible to do, and you're interested, let me know how much time you'd need as well as how much you'd charge for the work. [Personal email removed in accordance with forum rules]


      If this is not possible to do, I would also appreciate hearing that!