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    Slide Show Group Picture Selection

      Hello i'm, using Flash MX 2004. i have a slide show that is working but i would like to add a control or controls for users to be able to select from diffrent categories.

      Such as, the default slide show is Group#1, but they may want to see Group#2 slides or Group#3 etc. What would be the best way to do this and what are the specifics for doing it? I was thinking of haveing a dropdown box that would give a description of each group offered and somehow have that selction trigger a path to a new folder filled with the images that was associated with the users selection. Does anyone have any examples of this? This is a link to the slide show viewer i am using http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/applications/jpeg_slideshow_xml/index.html

      I have two control buttons currently that make it so a user can move up or down through the slides, i would like this control to work with any group selected.

      This is an example of the slides.xml document

      <slideNode jpegURL="images/1.jpg">Cattlemens Snow Trip 2006</slideNode>
      <slideNode jpegURL="images/2.jpg">Cattlemens Snow Trip 2006</slideNode>
      <slideNode jpegURL="images/3.jpg">Cattlemens Snow Trip 2006</slideNode>
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          shyaway Level 1
          many ways to approach. which way is best depend on your strenghts.

          just break up the functionalities to their simplest then combine them.

          first, get your category list going, combobox or whichever you prefer.

          base on the selected item, it calls another function that get the images list that is browseable using the mentioned buttons.

          that's about it.

          oh yeah, for xml, try something like this,

          <item1 src="1.jpg" label="First Pic"/>
          <item2 .....
          <item1 .......

          note that i removed the nodeValue and used attribute instead for label. this is to keep consistant so you can use myXML.attributes for both instead of switching back and forth with myXML.nodeValue
          ...just trying to keep things simple
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            rkrak Level 1
            well for off i very new to this program so how does one go about adding a category list or combobox? Do you draw a button first and then attach your code to it?
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              rkrak Level 1
              Well i did figure out how to get a combo box in, but now i need to know a few things. i put in the first selection for the user in the label area supplied "NameBlahBlah". So, if i want more than one selection for a user how do go about adding another one, do i add another one under labels:?

              What do the other criteria here mean, how do i go about getting the selections to change their folders destination?