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    Generate causes SCC Query Error: Unhandled exception

    marilyng Level 1
      Hi folks,

      I have Robohelp X5, I am composing on my local machine with saves going to an RCS server. I've pretty much figured out that RCS has a problem with the skins in Robohelp, because if I go to create a custom skin, I can create it in a non-controlled project. The second I go to create a custom skin in the controlled version, I get an infinite loop of the SCCQueryError message, Unhandled Exception Message Boxes. I have to kill Robohelp, and reboot to get out of the error message.

      Whenever I go to generate the verson controlled project, I get at least six of these error messages, but the project is generated and I can open it and can't seem to find anything missing. So, even though I get the errors in a generate, they don't affect the ability to generate a project.

      I've already checked to be sure that the RCS server is accepting all the file extensions.. that was my first thought was that it didn't like the .swf extensions.

      Anyone else have or see this problem?
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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          Okay. "composing on my local machine with saves going to an RCS server" sounds a lot like "running RH over the network."

          In other words, if your source files are on the server when you generate, RCS is the least of your problems. Keep source files on your hard drive. Create skins on your hard drive. When you're done, publish the finished project to the RCS server (though I am leery of RH's Publish function and always get the servermeister to do it by hand).

          If you have been working this way all along, I apologize - but those error message during generation worry me. It may be that the server will behave if you do all the scary stuff where it can't see you.

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            marilyng Level 1
            Thank you Eilsa... It's a touch complicated, but I am working off my hard drive, and Robohelp is installed on my hard drive. The webhelp file that is integrated with the project is being pushed to the a folder on the development server where RCS resides, and my project files are being archived in another directory on the RCS version tracker.

            I get the SCC query error (which seems to be an RCS version tracker error) right after I generate either a local or server webhelp, about six in all. So I'm thinking that there is some file extension that RCS is blocking, because I don't get the errors when I do the same thing with a non-version tracked project.

            Forget about trying to create any skins.. (and this is on my local, too) I have to switch to a non-version tracked project to create the skins.

            But just trying to see if anyone else has seen the problem..