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    After Effects 2015.x hanging on launch "Cleaning up CEP Manager".

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      Ever since upgrading to 2015.2, both our Mac Pro's in the studio have been experiencing absurdly long launch times when opening After Effects. 99% of the time the splash screen is stuck on "Cleaning up CEP Manager". I don't know what that is or why it's suddenly a problem.

      Sometimes restarting helps, sometimes it doesn't do jack. In the interest of trying to resolve this issue I made the (dumb) mistake of installing 2015.3. I have yet to successfully launch the new install.

      I followed a few threads that suggested renaming your .../Adobe/ folders in various locations around your machine, thinking that maybe it's a corrupt or bloated preferences file. That has had no affect at all on AE.


      I sit here staring at a launch screen, 10 minutes now, not getting any work done, and getting even more frustrated that billable hours are going right down the drain. I've invested over 2 hours today trying to resolve these issues. I'm at a loss.


      Any users get to the root of this issue?


      P.S. I might add that my new install of Premiere is now hanging on "Initializing Application". Batting a 1000 today Adobe... just stellar.