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    Open specific .psd in Photoshop with Javascript

    kwfranz94841 Level 1

      So I'm building an extension in Photoshop and would like certain buttons to open up specific .psd files when clicked. I found the code below in the CC_Extension_SKD.pdf which works to open up a new blank .psd file. How could I edit this code to open an existing, local .psd? I'm a designer, not a developer so I've been learning as I go, and any help would be appreciated! I've tried everything from this discussion How to open a file in Photoshop with javascript without any luck, so I figured I would post what I have that works and see if anyone can fill in the blanks. Thanks!




      <button id="btn">Click me</button>



      function openFile() {






      // Get a reference to a CSInterface object

      var csInterface = new CSInterface();

      var button = window.document.getElementById("btn");

      button.onclick = function() {

      // Call function defined in host/ps.jsx