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    Strange GREP script behavior?

    beh_gras_beh Level 1

      Dear Indesign scripters,


      I am trying to get this GREP to work in Javascript.

      app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat =  "\x{2195} [0-4]\d|[\d]{3,} cm.";


      It does not seem to work.

      But when I do CMD+F and I take the GREP tab, it seems to work. (CS5).


      Btw, I'm trying to find something like this. ↕ 25 cm. And than simply going to remove it.


      Do I miss something here?


      Thanks for the help.


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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          You are missing that a string that you enter in JavaScript obeys JavaScript rules: its backslash-escaped characters will be translated to its internal representation according to JS's rules before the script engine has a chance to pass it on to InDesign. Therefore, for example, "\d" will be translated to just "d" because "\d" is not a valid code (in JavaScript).


          To bypass this, always use double backslashes in strings that are to be passed on. A double backslash is translated to a single, and then the literal string "\d" is correctly put into ID's GREP.


          A good way to check this is to look what actually ended up in the Find/Change dialog, by just opening it.


          Ah – afterthought. Does this GREP in your post look like the one you actually are using? The pipe | is a tricky one. Without any parentheses, it will divide the entire GREP sequence into 2, a left part and a right part. Then, if the left part is not found, it will try to match the right half. What this means in your case is that it will find "↕ 25" OR "25 cm", not (what you probably intended) "↕ ([01234](any digit) OR (three digits)) cm" – check the parentheses.


          You probably need something like


          "\\x{2195} ([0-4]\\d|\\d{3,}) cm\\."


          Note that, apart from the parentheses around the center part, "[\d]" is a double-up (just "\d" is enough), and you need to escape the dot at the end.

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            beh_gras_beh Level 1

            Dear Jongware,


            I can't imagine an world without Jongware.

            Thank you very much for the help, I will keep this good tip in mind when I use GREP's in JS.



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              Kai Rübsamen Level 4

              What is the idea behind this part?




              Really exclude 50-99, but honor 100 and up, find only integers … makes no sense to me!?


              Is there any disadvantage, if I use instead of escaping something like:


              /\x{2195} ([0-4]\d|\d{3,}) cm\./.source