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    Photoshop Lightroom license issues


      I purchased Photoshop Lightroom in January 2016 and have it installed on one computer and has been working just fine.  But I am now getting messages when I try to log into Lightroom, saying that I can continue using Lightroom after my trial period ends and that I need to purchase the software...and there's a button on-screen to `license the software,' and I try doing that and type in the serial number (even though it's ALREADY licensed on my computer), and I get the message that that number is already in use by the maximum number of computers and says that I must deactivate another computer or provide another valid serial number to use Lightroom again on this computer.   It's only on ONE computer and I've already paid for the software and I am not going to deactivate the program on my computer and lose everything, and I should NOT have to purchase Lightroom again.    What am I supposed to do???