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    export to epub - rasterised group of images and text, but how to export alt tag?

    HeulwenM Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am using Indesign CC and exporting to ePub. I have a many images in the document. Each image is part of a group that includes a copyright/source text box at the side and a caption underneath the image.


      On export I rasterise the image, copyright and caption into a single image so that the layout is maintained in the ePub.


      My problem is that currently these output epub 'rasterised group' images do not have a alt tag associated with them and I wish to solve this.


      Basically I want to get the XMP:description metadata from the image and have this used as the image ALT tag in the exported epub. If I didn't have a 'rasterised group' (ie. didn't have to copyright and caption) this seems easy to do: I just go to Object Export Settings for the image. Then go to Alt Text and set Alt Text Source to 'From:Description'.


      But what if I want to get that ALT text from the image but have it applied to the WHOLE group (so that it exports as the ALT tag for that rasterised 'group' image)???


      I hope that makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks, HJ