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    how can i ignore increment value

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      I have an onRelease event on a draggable movieclip.
      Everytime I dropped this mc onto a target, 1 point added to a variable by
      using: _root.correct +=1;
      The issue is everytime I dragged the object and dropped it to the same
      target, it keeps getting incremented.
      How can I ignore the value +1, so it's smart enough not to add any point to
      the ones that have been dragged and dropped previously?

      thx in advance

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          blemmo Level 1
          I guess you will need a variable for each target, indicating whether it's active or not. A bool would do it, first it's true for every target, when the target was hit it gets false and stops counting the hits for that target. In the hitTest for each target, check the appropriate variable to see if it counts or not.