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    Installation failed, error U44M1P7 COMPLAINT


      Hi, not been able to install update to InDesign CC 2015. Tried for a couple of days - nothing. Error code (U44M1P7) has no further information in it. Downloaded manual update as suggested on "Installation failed" error U44M1P7 with Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Creative Suite 6 updates

      NOTHING! I'm incredibly fed up with Creative Cloud. I finally got through to someone via Chat but he kept on going on about billing, which is not the issue. InDesign and Photoshop (the only two programmes I use) crash EVERY TIME I open them. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And yet I can't get help from Adobe. It's a bit rich to ask for billing before offering help on a product that is not functioning.

      Adobe, if you read this, I asked the guy on the Chat for the Customer Complaints Address, and he refused to provide it. Do think you can sort it out? I'm more than frustrated - my livelihood depends on this, and yet I lose hours upon hours with crashes and failed updates. Terrible service, terrible product.