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    Can I backup my catalog to Dropbox?


      I just tried to open LR CC after an update that shutdown my computer. When it restarted my catalog backup file was not accessible; it is on a separate internal HDD on a volume that was not available for some reason. I shut down the computer again to see if it would come back no luck. then went to Device Manager and looked up the volume on the HDD it wasn't there. Tried multiple times then it came back. I want to avoid that again and was wondering if the catalog back ups could be stored on Dropbox or any other similar app.


      I use Windows 10 and have multiple external drives attached and 3 internal HDD total storage of over 25 TB over 1.2 million images (8 years of sports photography). I am trying to consolidate but you never know when a parent is going to ask you for shots of their child from 2008.

      Thank you, Todd

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          Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

          I see no problem to store the catalog backup to dropbox. The backup is only a zip file. When you need to restore the backup you have to copy the appropriate file from dropbox to your local machine and extract it.


          Another way to save the backup is to store it on an external hard drive that is only connected to the PC when you are copying the backup file. That is the way I do saviong my catalog.