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    change background color of pdf pages?

    cwtye Level 1

      I have a CMYK PDF document that was meant to be printed on tan paper.  It turns out that it will be printed on white paper.  Could I shift the color of both the background and the text and images so the result will look like it was printed on tan?  Or is there a way to shift just the white background to tan?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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            philippanmei Level 4

            Obviously you can change the page background and text color as well, see the image.

            Go to Preferences (press Ctrl+K) and select Accessibility




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              cwtye Level 1

              Thanks,philippanmei, but your method only changes the color as displayed on the monitor.  I need to have the color change in the printed copy.

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                The short answer is no!


                The solution is to go add a background and otherwise adjust colors in your source document from which the PDF was made.


                The longer answer is a bit more complicated. PDF files do not have the concept of a “background color” for a page. Most applications simply layout the content of a page on a “blank” background, i.e. one that has no color at all, which is very different than an explicit white background. A white background would need to be defined as a rectangle filled with white covering the entire printed area and positioned behind any other content. Such “white” (typically defined as CMYK=0,0,0,0) does not print anything. If you had such a page background, you could conceivably change the background to some other color via the vector edit capability (via Illustrator) from Acrobat for every single page.


                However, since you also want to shift the color of all the content as well, this becomes a monumental task.


                          - Dov

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  If you want to have a full color page, you have to make a colored rectangle on the background as other described.

                  But when it comes to shift everything and every content as if would be printed on colored paper, you have to set any item to overprint and you have to communicate with the printer, that this is as it is wanted, otherwise the printer would probably consider it as handling error and remove the overprint property.